History surrounding Our Catskill Home

The history of our home in Jeffersonville is long and illustrious. 

The area, really outside of old Jeffersonville, was known as Kohlertown (named for the Kohler family still living in the area today - and operating a hardware store up the road).  Our home has stood here and been a part of the history of the village for nearly 140 years!



The road our home faces, Rt. 52 today, was known as Kohlertown Road, and also as the Promenade.  Here is an old picture - take a look!  





Built sometime in the middle 1800's, and owned by Valentine Schmitt, our home served many purposes in the community besides being a family residence. 


Here is one advertisement:

from Child's GAZETTEER AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF SULLIVAN COUNTY FOR 1872-1873.  It seems that our industrious Valentine Schmitt ran a prosperous business from right in our location.  Here is an excerpt from a book about Jeffersonville by Kathleen Welton:

"The brewery in Jeffersonville, run by Valentine Schmitt, did a brisk business. In 1897 and 1898, a total of bills from hotels and saloons in town showed that 3000 kegs of beer were consumed in a village with a population of 500."


Our home was at one time connected with Valentine Schmitt's brewery.  The brewery is gone, but from the back window of our home you can see the stone-faced storage "Cave" Schmitt used to stockpile his kegs of beer!  Today it looks like this - as seen from our kitchen window (the horses are out on almost every sunny day!):




Our home, like Jeffersonville, has seen many changes.  At one time it was considerably larger, and served as a coaching inn.  Rooms were rented out to travelers, and, I'm sure, Valentine Schmitt's Lager Beer was the house brew.  If you investigate in the basement, you'll find a vaulted brick chamber no doubt used for storing goods, and perhaps Schmitt's beer for a thirsty traveler or two!



Early in the 20th Century, the home was divided into two separate homes.  Teams of draft animals actually pulled half of the house into the farmer's field next door...where it still stands today! One of our neighbors has a picture of this momentous event.  If you ask, they might show it to you.


Here's a look at more historic Jeffersonville pictures, and the surrounding area





The last picture, the Stone Arch Bridge (a New York state park/monument), we shot this winter.  Built in the late 1800s by Swedish immigrants, it's just a 5 minute drive from our home and worth the short trip to visit.  Pack a picnic (tables are all set up and waiting) and visit this relaxing and beautiful site.  You may even be able to do some fishing while you are there!



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